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Nodal is a web-based predictive modeling and decision-support system used for early claim intervention. It uses machine learning to analyze a wide range of claims data and predict claims that are likely to incur high costs so insurers and self-insurers can optimize management and reduce costs.

Predictive power

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Leverage underutilized data from unstructured data to predict and plan for volatile and high-cost claims.

Efficient operations

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Identify the most important claims to enable more effective allocation of claims manager hours.

All-in-one solution

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Nodal includes initial assessment, data cleansing, support, training, and annual updates.

Benefits of the solution

  • Improve profits

    Achieve claim cost reductions of 3% to 10% by automating payment of low-risk claims and improving management of higher-risk claims.

  • Manage variability

    Budget and reserve with greater confidence thanks to predictive capabilities that enable volatility management.

  • Maximize value of senior claims staff

    Proactively transfer problematic claims on a daily basis to senior claims staff.

  • Quickly leverage predictive analytics

    Implement Nodal with minimal required support time from clients.

Key Features

  • Maximize data value

    Identify underutilized data in adjuster notes by extracting information shortly after the claim is reported.

  • Trustworthy models

    No outside service providers have a stake in the outputs, ensuring the objectivity you need to make effective decisions.

  • Actuarial insight, automatically

    Deep subject-matter experience with claims operations is designed into the model, providing accurate results without manual intervention.

  • Collaborate and communicate

    Dynamic data visualization helps quickly identify the most important claims and enables effective communication among individuals and departments.

  • Show results

    Nodal shows you exactly which claims to focus on in a format which is intuitive enough for anyone to use. Performance reports enable you to analyze the effectiveness of the analyses and improve over time.

Milliman Nodal
A web-based predictive modeling and decision-support system used for early claim intervention.

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